World’s Heaviest Child Recovering From Surgery After Nearly Eating Himself To Death

An 11-year-old boy weighing 420 lbs (190kg) and entitled with “the world’s fattest boy” has had life-saving surgery after saving himself to near death. Arya Permana from Karawong in West Java, Indonesia, went through a five-hour operation after doctors told his parents that if he didn’t, he would die.

Arya Permana sounds like a normal kid, who enjoy the things that boys of his age enjoy. Only one thing is different, that is his weight, he weighs the same weight as about 6 boys that are of his age. After years of eating five meals per day, his parents Ade and Rokayah Soemantri got convinced that their son should have the surgery or he would die. Parents travelled with their son to the Omni Hospital in Jakarta.

Doctors didn’t know whether this drastic weight gain is because of the medical issues or just because of the fact that his parents were overfeeding him. Because of the fattest boy, his family enjoyed the fame for some years. This family was called to many American Television Shows earning large amounts of money, in order to have a better life in Indonesia.

The extensive surgery of Arya was performed by Doctor Handi-Wing, He removed a large portion of Arya’s stomach and make it banana shaped. Doctors called Arya’s condition one of the toughest case of obesity in the world. The main purpose of his surgery was to make him feel full for longer. Before the surgery takes place. his diet was full of fried chicken, fries, noodles, rice and chocolate ice creams. Parents were unrealised about the seriousness of their son’s condition. They continued to feed him greasy curries and high-cholesterol snacks. His mother told that “He ate like he had no sense of being full. Every time he had two pack of noodles and two eggs.”

Dr, Handy Wing who performed Arya’s operation, said that he was at the risk of developing heart diseases. 

When Arya was born his weight was about 8.3lbs (3.7kg) and at the age of five years, he started gaining weight. He gained 280lbs (127kg) in just four years. His large size at the age of 9, started to attract attention. 

After the surgery of Arya’s, He looks better.  It helped him lose 70lbs(31kg), nearly a sixth of his weight in a month

Some of his pictures, before his surgery, when he was totally unable to live a normal life





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