9 Careless Parents Spoiling Their Kids Unknowingly

parenting is one of the most complicated gesture a person could have in his adult life. It does not solely concern about his individual self, but also about lives of ‘little others’, your sons and daughters. What’s even worse is that you have to triplicate your alertness, patience, knowledge, and wit in order to keep up your relationship with them. Although there are times when you are about to give up, positive things still happen–things find their ways to procrastinate and fall into place, eventually.

But this is not always the case. When the glass of patience is full, the tendency for some parents is to spill their fluids of control, enabling them to do selfish things. Yes, they tend to think more for their own convenience or pleasures. As a result, they forget that they’re a mother or a father so they don’t care whether the lives of their offsprings are in danger or at risk.

It’s unbelievable but it happens, just like the images I have prepared for today.

1. You got lost with your parenting track when you realize that your bet is also losing

The consequences will be extremely degrading if your baby’s kidnapped because of your carelessness. Wake up, your baby is not a thing you could leave just anywhere.

2. You just wanted to be on the beach?

Look at your little girl, she got all the sunburn you’ve protected her using your UV-protecting lotion.

3. Tape-strong Jesus Christ

For god’s sake! We know how strong the adhesive is but worst comes to worst, your baby would fall on the floor without defense, and that’s another casualty.

4. Like gangster dad, like gangster son

But, the child is never happy about this kind of fate. His eyes say that he deserves more.

5. Low-budget kid burglar or a ‘plastic’ mode of disciplinary action?

Regardless of the peg of this kid, it’s not safe for her respiratory health. Now, this old lady seems irresponsible towards this. She must have taken this off in the first place.

6. Babies under the pole, OMG

Although the pole dancer seems very professional, we are not still sure of the worst case scenario. What if (Just what if the dancer committed a wrong landing? What now?).

7. Get drunk while you’re young

And, have zero-to-little supervision.

8. Truly unamazing and death-defying little kiddo stunt

Are his parents busy or careless? That’s a very serious case of lack of utmost care.

9. Obviously, there’s nothing unusual at first glance, but when you look closely you will realize

Hopefully, this child will not end up as a sex offender.

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