7 Most Important Things Men Should Know While Showering With Women

partners or lovers showering together is a very hot and sexy idea, to be honest.

Let’s consider a male-female relationship. A heterosexual pair would never forget ‘showering together’ in their checklist. What’s even better than being fresh together? Include the fact that they’re in an attempt to carry out that classic shower sex. Who knows, right?

But, but. These women seem to say something to their male partners, and it’s kinda alarming. They have their frustrations, reservations and some rants we do not normally hear in person. Do not let go of this minute detail, as it may chunk up, and eventually cause your relationship to be wrecked. Come on.

These things are very important. So men, have your notes.

1. Water is not a cool replacement for lubes.

In chemistry, we are taught that lubes are oils. So let me ask you, when will water be an oil? Her v-spot cannot produce that oil for your pleasure. Be careful.

2. She would love to see you rubbing that shampoo on your head…

But careful, she might get frustrated when you consume a lot. Hint: Her favorite shampoo costs her some $25 dollars.

3. So yeah, if they mean to give you a head in the shower, give it!

It’s going to be the moment where your girl is secured about the cleanliness of your d-organ. “No sweat, no dirt, no pee”. That’s perfect for them.

4. Girls are not required to compromise their normal bathing routines.

That’s right. Do not be very anxious about her doing this and that, applying this and that, repeating her shampooing, soaping or any other thing she likes to do. Patience is the key, brother.

5. Pushing against the wall is a no-no when nude.

Yes, dude. It’s cold and freezing. She might lose the appetite, and lust for hours.

6. She favors that hot steaming water for a shower.

Or else, her nipples would freeze off.

7. The maximum time to touch a girl’s boobies in a shower is 3 minutes.

One hundred eighty seconds is already much. Girls have to rinse off. The point why you’re in a shower is to clean, not really anything else.

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